Puppy Preschool

Puppy preschool is a critical aspect of raising an obedient and well-adjusted dog. Not only is it an important socialisation tool, it allows your puppy to learn good behaviour & some common commands, and it’s also LOTS of fun for you and your dog!

The Importance of Socialising your Puppy

From the moment a puppy opens their eyes they begin interacting with the world around them, learning what is safe and what is scary. That’s why, in contrast to traditional dog training, socialising your puppy is important. Exposing your dog to other puppies, people, environments, signs, smells, and other animals helps your new pup to feel comfortable with its surroundings as it grows up. As dogs get older they can become very cautious and may display poor behaviour if they encounter something new and frightening. Of course it’s possible to teach an old dog new tricks but it’s much more effective to socialise your puppy at a young age! That’s why our puppy preschool program is perfect for new dog training.

What Does Puppy Preschool Cover?

If you train your new puppy at Lake Road Vet Hospital you/your puppy will learn:

  • basic obedience/dog training – sit, stay, come, drop, walking on a lead
  • appropriate puppy behaviour
  • nutrition – what should your puppy eat?
  • toys and games to keep your puppy busy and prevent separation anxiety & boredom
  • toilet training your puppy
  • dog dental care


What’s the Lake Road Vet difference?

Parvovirus Protection All the puppies that attend Lake Road Vet puppy classes must have up-to-date vaccinations and have at least two of their puppy vaccinations to keep themselves and the other puppies in the class safe from preventable diseases.

Dedicated Puppy Preschool Space The class is run predominantly outdoors.

Class Size At Lake Road Vet puppy class size is kept to between 4-7 puppies to make sure that there is enough time for one-on-one time with your puppy and the trainers. The smaller numbers also means you can bring extra family members so the whole team can learn how to train your new pup.

Two Trainers All puppy classes are run by at least two trainers – again allowing your the opportunity for one on one training and to ask any additional questions tailored to your pet needs.

Puppy Pack and Prizes Each puppy goes home with a puppy preschool manual detailing all the things you’ve learned during the four week program. The puppy pack also includes important information about raising a dog and some extra freebies and prizes along the way. Those families that complete the course will also attend puppy preschool graduation ceremony.


Puppy Training in Wagga Wagga

Contact Lake Road Vet Hospital to find out when the next puppy preschool classes in Wagga Wagga are being held.

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