Say Hello to Patricia!


Patricia is a bouncy, happy Kelpie puppy who presented to Lake Road Veterinary Hospital last week, as her owner noticed she was a bit sore in her abdomen. As Patricia was known to chew toys, her owner suspected that she had eaten a toy that she shouldn’t have!

After running some tests and taking some radiographs, Dr Frankie decided that Patricia needed an abdominal surgery called an exploratory laparotomy (or ex lap, for short). A team of vets and nurses, including Dr Frankie, Dr Erica and nurses Kate and Olivia helped to ensure that Patricia’s surgery went smoothly, and she recovered with no issues. Dr Frankie and Dr Erica found some foreign material in Patricia’s intestines, which appeared to be stuffing from the inside of a toy.
Patricia stayed in hospital for a few days after her surgery to ensure her pain was managed and that her symptoms such as nausea and vomiting subsided.

On Monday, Patricia was given the all clear to go home! Nurse Kate is pictured here with Patricia and her owner, Paige.

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