Meet Aussie!

As you can see by the photos below Aussie managed cut himself quite badly and had a 20 cm wound on his inside back leg.

Aussie dislikes thunderstorms and gets quite emotional when one is around.

Unfortunately his mum and dad weren’t home when this one hit and Aussie managed to find a sharp piece of metal in his pen and cut himself, giving them an upsetting surprise when they arrived home.

Happily Dr Alex did a great job stitching Aussie back together and after a stay in hospital to heal he is now home with his mum, dad and little brother.

Aussie is normally given medication when a thunderstorm approaches. The medication calms him, and he spends the storm time inside with his mum and dad.

If you have a pet who finds thunderstorms, or other situations, stressful, talk to our vets as there is medication that can help them, either for short term or long term use.

Our vets can also advise you on the best approach to managing these emotional and stressful times that your pets can have.

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