‘You’ll never be forgotten,
You left pawprints on my heart.’

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Possum Sellars

RIP – Possum 21/4/2020 
Our little baby for 15 years. Missing our cuddles xxxxxx
Sadly missed and never forgotten.

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 Odie Klimpsch

Odie Klimpsch aged 10. She loved sleeping on beds and sometimes under blankets with her head on the pillow, cuddling on the couch and chirping at birds through the window. Much loved.

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Harley and Gypsy Hetherington

🐾🐾 Both my babies lost on the same day 04/10/2014 due to ageing and ill health. I had them both since they were 5 weeks old Harley, the dark one, was 17 years old and Gypsy was 15 years old. Uncle and Niece. I miss them both so much. 🐾🐾


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Maddie Cashell

Maddie went to the rainbow 🌈 bridge on Tuesday. Miss her so much xxx

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Chelsea Koutrodimos

R.I.P 9/3/20
Our beautiful Chelsea girl. So relieved that you’re not in pain anymore, but missing you every single second ❤️

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Toby Bye

Toby our beloved rescued Greyhound. We sadly said goodbye to him this morning.