‘You’ll never be forgotten,
You left pawprints on my heart.’

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This is my fur-son puss but his name is Theodore..He passed away at 5 of a heart condition in February this year..I miss him still today. His ashes are now with us and feel he’s with us still…I hope 😢🐾


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Pepper Hodges


Pepper , we only got 6 months with you but you live on in our hearts forever ❤️

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Emo Murphy


Emo 14years. Passed away 5 days ago.

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Lu Lu Kane


Lu Lu our precious girl taken to soon xoxo

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Charli, Honey and Odie Mulcair


Charli , Honey, and Odie ..We lost them within 18 months of each other. We love and miss them so much x


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James Murphy


James 14 years old. Passed away 12 months ago.

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Frodo Allitt


Frodo 17 years, we miss you so much.

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Baby Allitt


Sadly missed xx