‘You’ll never be forgotten,
You left pawprints on my heart.”

Tank and Potato

Tank and Potato lost their battle on 27th September and 1st October 2019. My precious babies who were the last of this litter. Mum loves you babies 



Max 💚




My big dog, the stink to my stank, the wag to my wiggle, the big warm lumbering weight that I could depend on no matter what. I miss him so much it breaks my heart.

George was more than just a dog. He was the thing that kept me going when I wanted to give up, the happy face that greeted me every morning. The happy doggy dance & familiar smell that made a house feel like home. He was where everything started, & I had something worth fighting for.

He was everything, when I had nothing. He loved endlessly, without asking for anything except love in return.

Cared for by the lovely ladies at Lake Road Vet until he passed on the 6/8/19.

Missed every single day by everyone that knew & loved him.


My beautiful girl Dakota 💜🌹🐾🐾

1 year ago this week I lost you💔

I miss you everyday .


My girl Marley, I lost her when she was 8yo. 💜😔