A Great New Service

Nurse Montanna is starting a great new service at Lake Rd Clinic. She will be conducting Health and Nutrition Consults for clients with health or weight loss/gain needs.

Correct nutrition is vital to the health of your pet. So often we see pets who are overweight and this leads to joint issues, mobility issues, gastro intestinal issues, pancreatitis and diabetes. These issues impact the life expectancy of a pet and treatment is ongoing and expensive.

Nurse Montanna will take you through the correct diet for your pet and recommend ways you can best keep your pet at maximum health.

You can book a Health and Nutrition Consult with Nurse Montanna by contacting the clinic.

Ike Update

Little Ike has left our care and has been placed with a WIRES carer to take her to the next stage of his rehabilitation.

Ike’s burns are healing well.

Her size means she now needs to be housed in accommodation bigger than we can provide. 

Ike’s carer, Caroline, reports that he never stops eating, is gaining weight and is happy.

She loves to get out of her pouch at night and plonk herself in front of the fire.

She eats her kangaroo pellets, chaff and grass in front of the fire. She loves sweet potato!


Happy birthday, Karley! Yummy Cake!

One of our patients getting some love! What a happy puppy!


Congratulations, Dr Shayne, on your work anniversary! You are a wonderful asset to the Lake Rd Team and a much loved member of the Lake Rd Family!

New Uniforms!

Our new uniforms look amazing! Thank you to Baileyana Clothing and Embroidery at Cootamundra for your excellent work!


Looks like Tammy will be hobbling for a while! 

Beautiful Willow after her desexing surgery.

Scotch had a dental procedure recently.

Charlie getting cuddles from Nurse Kyla after his desexing surgery.

Staff Appreciation

Tash White

For working hard answering our incoming calls (we miss you)! You are doing such a wonderful job! Thank you!

Jade Connelly

For always putting her hand up to come in and help us for any shift. She’s a great all rounder and you can trust her to get the job done ☺ You are amazing, Jade! Thank you!


Three hand raised kitetns will be available in 3-4 weeks.

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