A Helping Hand!

One of our junior team members, Cade, giving Montanna a helping hand with some blood tests.

Our junior team love helping out whenever they can. Maybe the next generation of Vets and Vet Nurses!

Congratulations Montanna!

A big congratulations also to Montanna as this week she received her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing in the mail!

All her hard work has paid off and she has the Certificate to prove it!

Well Done, Montanna! 

Brett and Sammy (middle) had so cakes they needed a little help to hold them for our photo. Thanks Jacob and Kate for your great cake holding skills!

We hope Brett and Sammy had a fantastic birthday and enjoyed all their cakes!

Happy birthday Brett and Sammy!

A Week of Birthdays!


Right: Our new Dr Alex P celebrated her birthday last week.

We hope you had a great day Dr Alex P!

It looks like you were spoiled with a very yummy cake at work!

Happy Birthday!


This week we will celebrate Lauren’s birthday.

We hope you have a wonderful birthday, Lauren!




Ike Update


Carer Caroline writes:

“Well someone is very settled.

What more could a girl want, grass, blankets and a nice fire.

Never known a joey to enjoy a fire as much as Ike does.

We keep it going for her.

Doing well!”



We have some beautiful dogs available for adoption and looking for their forever homes.

If you are looking for a new fur baby one of these may be just what you are looking for.

Nurse Priscilla can give you more information. As always she can be contacted on her email priscilla@lakerdvet.com.au or by phoning the clinic and asking to speak to her.


The beautiful Mimi recently came in for desexing. Isn’t she a lovely girl?


Scotch came in for a dental procedure. All over and it didn’t hurt a bit!

Staff Appreciation

Georgia Rusconi

 For all your work after hours in the past few weeks. You are working so hard to get all the jobs done well!

Congratulations Georgia!

Brooke Heydon

For going the extra mile formulating individualised diet plans for patients with difficult dietary needs.

Thank you Brooke. Such an important role.

Dr Georgia Ladmore

For always taking that extra time with your patients and showing how much you care.

Great work Dr Georgia! We need your heart and compassion!

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