Dr Alex and Dr Georgia at the Races?

Some of the veterinary reps put on an afternoon for our local vets during the recent race week and Dr Alex and Dr Georgia went along.

They spent the afternoon schmoozing with local reps and veterinarians and munching on some of the delicious lunch provided.

Dr Alex and Dr Georgia all dressed up during work hours! Doesn’t happen often!


Dr Alex’s Baby Shower

Lake Road Vet Hospital threw a baby shower for Dr Alex and wasn’t she and her new bub spoiled!

Everyone at the clinic is super excited about the upcoming birth and have been busily betting on the sex of the baby as Dr Alex already has three beautiful girls. A boy this time or another beautiful girl?

We will keep you informed. Late May everyone!

DNA Testing Your Dog

We thought we’d have some fun and get our rescue puppies DNA tested. We thought they were mainly Johnson Bulldog with something else mixed in but we didn’t know what.

We were super surprised when we received the results to find that our puppies were a mix of 7! different breeds. No wonder some of our puppies looked like French Bulldogs and others looked like Boxers. And everyone of them was a different colour.

We’ve had a great time looking at the results and sharing them with you.

If you have a dog with interesting ancestry and you would like to have it DNA’d give us a call on 6922 4659. It’s a very easy blood test and it only costs $119.

The puppies below are from that litter and show some of the differences in their features.

Lunch and Learn

This week we had two Lunch and Learns.

Spectra Nexguard whose products kill fleas, mites, ticks and gastrointestinal worms came to discuss their products.

As we use these products its good for all staff to understand the use and administration of these products.

Feliway and Adaptil

CEVA representatives were present at the second Lunch and Learn to discuss the benefits of two of their products, Feliway and Adaptil, on cat and dog behaviour.

Feliway and Adaptil are pheronome diffusers that are an innovative approach to behavioural issues in cats and dogs.

They assist with stress situations, boarding, vet visits, after hospitalisation, loss of appetite, fears and phobias, thunderstorms to name a few.

Polite Pets Month

May is all about behaviour! You will see tips on animal behaviour popping up on Facebook from the the Lake Road team throughout the month.

Watch out for competitions and special polite pet related offers.


  1. Charlotte is a 10 week old female Domestic Medium Hair kitten.
  2. Kitty is a 12 week old male Domestic Short Hair kitten.
  3. Charlie
  4. Oakley

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