Babies Galore!

Dr Sara and Nurse Ivory celebrated the impending birth of their babies with the staff last week as we baby showered both of them!

Their babies are due only a week apart and are due next month so you won’t be seeing either of them for a while.

No guessing the sex of their bubs now!

We all wish them goodluck and smooth sailing in the weeks to come. And look forward to seeing their bubs in a few weeks!

We had to share this cute photo of the kids having a chat! Too sweet!

Staff Appreciation                                           Farewell Dr Shayne

Hannah Finemore

For great work on reception, Hannah! Some challenging times during discharges but always done with a smile. 

Congratulations! Good customer service is always appreciated!

Sadly we have said goodbye to Dr Shayne as she returns to Victoria and takes up a position closer to her family.

She has been a valued part of the Lake Road Vet Family throughout her university years and then as a veterinarian at the clinic.

Shayne developed many of the education programs used at the clinic including the Puppy Preschool Program. She has been a leader and mentor to our junior staff and trainees. 

We will miss her exuberant personality, her skills and her dedication. Her next clinic will reap the rewards in employing her.

Thank you Shayne for all you have done for Lake Road Vet. You will always be part of the Lake Road Family.


Bronco has been in for a visit recently. He loves visiting all his favourite nurses and they love seeing him!


Aussie was in for a cruciate surgery recently and is now having rehab.

Part of his rehab program is laser therapy to quicken the healing process. Doesn’t he look cool in the special glasses he must wear to protect his eyes during the laser treatment?

The laser is addend to the physical therapy and medication Aussie needs to speed his recovery and have him home soon.