Little Friend Ike


Little Ike hanging with her friend Lily out of reach of the naughty wombats who love to jump in joeys’ pouches!

Carer Caroline writes: Ike is so sweet. She has a saucer of milk in the morning. As soon as our alarm goes off she is in our room waiting for us to get up. She stands in the corner of the kitchen waiting for her milk. I woke up the other night with her licking my hand.

She is going to hate being out full time when the weather warms. She loves her fire.

Caroline’s refuge is Water Creek Wildlife Refuge. It is based at Lankey’s Creek and it cares for Macropod species, Wombats, Possums and Birds. You can follow the refuge at



This beautiful little guy dropped in for a checked up recently. 

Nurse Montanna was excited to take possession of her new car recently! Lucky Montanna! Everyone is totally envious!

Very proud of our trainer Jesse. Jesse received her Bachelor of Animal Science recently. The COVID crisis has meant that the traditional graduation ceremony has been put on hold but Jesse was thrilled to receive her Degree. Well done, Jess! We know this is the start of great things for you!


After being grabbed by a dog little Pancake needed her ribcage rebuilding. Dr Georgia built an external brace to support the broken and healing ribs and little Pancake soon mended. Lucky little Pancake!

Staff Appreciation

Dr Georgia Ladmore

Dr Georgia has been putting in the hard work and afterhours. Despite being on call she always turns up to work with a great and supportive attitude and is always committed to a high standard of patient care. We are so grateful for Georgia’s hard work and long hours and it doesn’t go unnoticed!

Steph Dew

For doing an excellent job in consults and as a puppy preschool trainer. Always looking to improve her knowledge and skill set with a positive attitude 😁 Fantastic work, Steph!

Abby Wollard

For always having a great attitude and always being happy to help others. Great attributes to have, Abby!