Sweet Little Ike


Hasn’t she grown? Ike is our little bushfire survivor. She has been with a carer since she was released from our care following treatment for burns to her feet which she received in the horrific bushfires at the beginning of the year.

Ike has grown from a tiny joey into an independent young lady. She is now out of the bandages which she needed for a long time.

Ike spends her days outside but doesn’t like being outside at night. She starts calling around 5:30 pm each night to come in. And she just worships the fire.

She is sitting back here watching the naughty wombats she lives with causing a ruckus!

Wellness Day Starts Health Kick


Since our Wellness Day our staff have been more consciously aware of the importance of whole body health on mental health.

Its great to see groups of our staff heading off on bush walks and bike rides.

Everyone is invited and anyone can join in.

Its great for team building and morale.

Lake Albert has been one venue and The Rock has been conquered twice!

Furry Friends


This is Sam ! He recently came in for a desex. Enjoying sneaky snuggles in the afternoon sunshine ☀️


This is Bronx. He came in recently for desexing! Isn’t he a handsome boy!


This is gorgeous Goldie! She was one of this week’s residents at the clinic after having a small lump removed from her eye.

Staff Appreciation

Dr Alex Pentecost and Dr Julia Tanner

For coming in with smiles and willing to help and educate the nurses and kennel hands with nothing but kindness and love for what they do.

What lovely people!





This is Nurse Taylor’s beautiful little Pippin. She was in for her first dental since Taylor adopted her. What a great fur-mum! And what a super cute fur baby! Taylor knows how important dental health is to the overall health of a pet and she wants Pippin to always be in the best health.

Dental Health Month!


Here Dr Alex is working on a doggy dental.

The red dye shows up plaque and tartar similar to the red tablets that children chew to show the same. Dr Alex works through each tooth cleaning it.

Teeth are checked for decay. Decayed teeth cause your pet pain in the same way that a tooth ache causes you pain.

Pets will live much longer if they have regular dentals and decayed teeth removed. Not to mention how much more comfortable their will be.

So remember to add dentals to your pet’s regular medical and health checks.

This week we welcome Andrea who comes to us as our new People Operation Manager.

We hope that you enjoy you new role and that you enjoy being part of the Lake Rd Family.

Karley enjoyed her baby shower! Her new little one received lots of lovely gifts, the staff in conflict as to whether Karley is having a girl or a boy so she got a few pink and a few blue pressies!

We’ll keep you informed. Shouldn’t be long!


Lake Road Vet has implemented the NSW Government COVID-19 Safety Plan to help protect our staff, clients and visitors whilst we carry on keeping your fur babies in the best of health.
Our plan provides advice on:
1. hygiene and safety
2. physical distancing
3. recording contact details of staff and customers and
staff wellbeing.


When arriving at Lake Road Vet Hospital we request that you remain in your car. A concierge will come to you and take your details and then return to let you know when it is your consultation time.

During the COVID emergency only one person can enter the clinic with the pet.

We thank you for you assistance and patience during this time as we continue to ensure our service remains available to you.