Congratulations on Graduation!


We congratulate Dr Alex and Jeremy Keough on their graduation from Lincoln Institute’s ‘Lead to Succeed’ course.

The principles and education learned from Lincoln Institute help guide the Hospital’s business model. It has been with the Keough’s as they have grown the clinic into the successful business it is today. Never losing sight of the main reason for being, to provide high quality care to the animals of Wagga and its surrounding areas.



Happy Birthday!





We hope you all had wonderful days with lots of fun!


New Staff Member

Welcome to new team member Lorena.

We hope you enjoy working with us.

Welcome to the Lake Road Vet Family!

New Team Leaders

Taylor D and Jacob have taken on Team Leader roles. Congratulations Taylor and Jacob!

Work Anniversary

Congratulations Dr Julia on your Work Anniversary!

Meet The Team


Business Manager: Sonya Leddin


Sonya has been with the clinic for over 6 years. Sonya has a broad understanding of all operation areas of the clinic having initially served as our Practice Manager. Sonya is also a certified Veterinary Nurse so has an excellent knowledge of the clinical side of the clinic. Since moving to Queensland she works full time as our Business Manage

1080 Baits 

We have had several cases of 1080 poisoning recently. 1080 is used on our local farms to rid them mainly of foxes which take lambs and other newborn animals. It is a relatively safe poison for our  native animals but highly toxic for dogs, foxes and cats. It disrupts the central nervous system causing disorientation, unconsciousness and death. There is no antidote and death occurs quickly. It is vital to get your pet to a vet immediately if you suspect 1080 poisoning. The only treatment is to place animals in induced comas while their body metabolises the toxin. Even this does not guarantee survival.

Team Shout Outs

As of February we have a new system of recognising outstanding staff. Staff are able to recognise each other for working towards one of our core values.


March Staff Recognised:







Congratulations to these people!



This week Practice Manager Ellen is off on Thursday morning to ‘Managing Trainees’.


The whole staff training on Monday night is from the Lincoln Institute, ‘Building a Resilient Team’.


Right: Our Practice Manager, Ellen.


A big congratulations to our receptionist Tammy on becoming a grandmother!

Little Maisie Louise is such a beautiful little girl! Grandma is rapt!


Our two baby boys, Oliver and Billy, had their first play date recently. Such little cuties! Looks like they had a good time!