In the Age of Corona!

This is one of our staff, Mel, acting in her role of concierge. When you arrive at the clinic you will be met by one of our wonderful staff in this role and they will triage your pet. 

You and your pet remain in your car while our concierge relays your information to our staff inside the clinic. When it is your turn the concierge will return to your car to let you know and your pet and one owner can enter the clinic.

We thank you for your patience and goodwill during these trying times. Lake Road Vet Clinic will remain open. Vet clinics have now been classified as ESSENTIAL SERVICES so the clinic will continue to provide services to our community.

Early Morning Meeting

One of our staff had an early morning meeting with this beautiful echidna as crossed a road.

Couldn’t help but get out and take a few photos!

This is a great close up of the echidna’s face!

Thank You!

A big thank you to Tammy’s husband, Dale, who re-did our front footpath!

We appreciate you very much, Dale!

Thank you!

Staff Appreciation

Steph Dew

For always coming to work with a great attitude and continuing to master her role.

That’s famtastic, Steph! Well done!

Abby Wollard

For working her magic and triaging clients outside! ❤

Wonderful work, Abby!

Montanna Taylor

For always being prepared to take on extra shifts when you are needed!

That’s awesome!

Thanks so much, Montanna!


The beautiful Lulu recently had her puppies and Emma H couldn’t resist having some cuddles and snuggles!


So sweet! All asleep!

A Few Vet Inspired Funnies!

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