Deadly Snake Season!


With the warmer weather upon us snakes are coming out of hibernation seeking out food such as mice, frogs and small reptiles for sustenance and are energetically looking for mates. 


Snakes seek out food such as mice which have been in abundance in our area lately. Doing your best to keep mice numbers down around your home over the warmer months will help keep snakes away. 

Cutting long grass and weeds down and cleaning out rubbish piles will ensure that snakes don’t have hiding places close to your house.


Little Stumpie was bitten several times after taking on a brown snake in her dog yard. The snake came into her yard seeking water when Stumpie saw it. Stumpie killed the snake but was a very sick little dog. 


She received two vials of antivenom, steroids, needed resuscitation and was on a drip for several days.


Stumpie was very fortunate. She survived a nasty  incident because her quick thinking owners raced her to medical care and Lake Road Vet Hospital provided her with round the clock intensive care.

If your dog is outside, looks unwell, staggers, can’t get up and is possibly vomiting, chances are you have a snake bite. Getting to medical care promptly ensures a good outcome for your pet. Remember not all snake bite victims will be this lucky.


Stumpie is now home, well and playing with her family and fur siblings!


Left: The snake that bit Stumpie, Stumpie in hospital and now home and well.


Happy Birthday! We hope you have a wonderful day!

Dr Sara

Dr Frankie




Work Anniversary

Happy Work Anniversaries to these wonderful staff members! 

Dr Ellen


Kate Moses




Meet The Team


Meet Tessa


Hi I’m Tessa

I’ve been a qualified Veterinary Nurse for 5 years and have grown up around an array of beautiful animals my entire life. In my spare time I work and train horses and teach kids how to ride, I also help my mum who is the founder of SMART Animal Sanctuary.

You will usually see me on night shift at Lake Road Vets and I love the responsibility they give me to care for people’s loved animals.


Congratulations to Rachel who took her first blood draw and got it on the first go!!

Lunch and Learn


This time we were studying up on Radiographic Positioning. So important to keep learning! Lunch and Learn is on each Friday and is recorded for staff who are unable to come in person.


Little Skeggs’ leg is mending well. He is a cheeky young guy who can let himself out of his cage! He is in the care of Nurse Olivia who loves our bird-life. Skeggs is learning to eat meal worms and has been known to hide them from Olivia, under his cage, not in his crop where they should have been! She has also had to use cable ties on his cage otherwise he can be found o the verandah talking to the local magpies!