Bonnie’s Babies!


Bonnie the beautiful Golden Retriever recently visited the clinic for some help with delivering her puppies.

Bonnie needed a caesarean to deliver her babies. With our assistance she delivered 12 healthy puppies.

As you can see from the photos, while she was asleep the team, found her uterus which was very full of puppies!

As each puppy is born it needs to be handed to its own handler who rubs the puppy to stimulate it, helping it to take its first breath.

They then clean it and continue to rub and warm the puppy until it can be placed with its mum.

With Bonnie a large team was needed, all hands were on deck!

We are so proud of Bonnie. She came through it all so well and so did her puppies.

They recently starred in a Facebook post visiting us for their first vaccinations. They had grown so much.

Below is a photo of little Beans. Some of his siblings are Banjo, Houston, Wally, Butter, Hanks, Tilly, and Poppy. Everyone of them gorgeous!



This is the uterus, full of tiny puppies.

As each puppy is born it is handed to an attendant to be cleaned, dried and stimulated.

This little character, is Beans, one of Bonnie’s 12 beautiful babies!

Did you see them on Facebook for their first vaccination? They have grown so much!

Once mum has recovered from surgery, the puppies join her for their first drink.

Mags Our Baby Magpie

We were handed a baby magpie that was going to need hand raising. He had some issues with his feet that were curling and would not be able to perch in the wild. We passed him to our resident bird expert, Jesse. (You may also know her from Puppy Preschool School.)

Here is Jesse’s latest on Mags:

Mags is doing well. He is starting to get curious and playful. He hops around a bit and occasionally tries to fly but overall isn’t very motivated to move around. I think a good next step would be an outdoor aviary for him to really learn to fly and move around.

A great move forward tonight, Mags actually perched for like a minute! It wasn’t perfect, was perching using at least two of the toes on each foot and using his ankles to stabilise. Up until now Mags would basically just use the branches by hopping over, barely using feet for more than a second so a minute being stable on a branch is huge.

We have been working on stretching the toes and perching, up until now the only sustained perch is on my hand/arm, toes don’t wrap around but I can feel him trying to figure it out and will move toes to have at least one nail hook on. After that effort Mags was very tired but it’s a step in the right direction!

Furry Friends

Ally is excited to come in for her booster vaccination today!!

This is Marnus & Curtley. They came in for desexing recently. Lovingly hand raised by Nurse Georgia! What beautiful girls they’ve grown into! They have now found their forever homes.

Issy’s first saphenous cannula working on Miss Lucy.