Happy Birthday Dr Alex and Baby Thomas!


On Sunday our amazing boss Dr Alex celebrated her birthday along with her little boy Thomas.

As most of you will remember twelve months ago what should have been a joyous time for the Keough family as they welcomed their little boy into the world began a stressful two weeks as he was flown to Canberra Hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit with breathing difficulties.

Fortunately little Thomas is a fighter and today is thriving. He totally enjoyed his party and is super spoiled and loved by his three big sisters, and all his family.

Happy birthday Dr Alex and Thomas! Hope your birthday was extra special!

Lots of Birthdays!

Happy birthday, Dr Shayne!

What an awesome cake! Someone was well and truly spoiled! We hope your day was just as golden!

Happy birthday, Dr Shayne!


Happy birthday, Hannah!

We hope you have a brilliant birthday and get very spoiled by all your friends and family.

Have a great day!

We have some new staff joining us over the next couple of weeks. The first, Rebecca and Hannah, are already here!

Welcome Rebecca and Hannah. We are thrilled to have you join the Lake Rd Family. We hope you enjoy working with us.

Thank You!


A huge THANK YOU to our amazing clients and patients who are being so awesome and patient under our changing protocols, and throughout the COVID 19 lockdown. 

We are so fortunate to have you in our lives.


Staff Fur Babies

This is Archer. He is Sonya’s Cocker Spaniel x Golden Retriever. What a well behaved model!

Here is Beth’s new baby, Piper.

Isn’t she beautiful? A real cutie!

Emma H is the lucky mum of this little sweetheart.

Being a perfect model for Polite Pet Month!

Staff Appreciation

Jacob Motha

Nurse Jacob has been doing a sensational job with client relations this week. Thanks Jacob!

Sammy Moxon

Nurse Sammy has been very thorough with client education this week. She has gone above and beyond explaining how dogs work to our clients. Thanks Sammy!!

Lauren Campbell, Field and Cook Families

 Big love and appreciation for to Lauren and the Field and Cook families on how great they have the lawns looking !!

Totally amazing! Thank you guys!

Beautiful Fur Babies

KitKat was in recently.

She was desexed, microchipped and had her vaccinations

Isn’t she beautiful?

The very sweet Willow was in recently for a desex.

What a cutie!

Kevin was in recently for his desexing surgery. 

He took it all in his stride. 

Mr Cool! He’s so gorgeous!



We will soon have some beautiful kittens available. they are still a few weeks away from their adoption date but if you want to put your name down you can contact Priscilla at the clinic or on priscilla@lakerdvet.com.au.

There are boys are girls available and they are all getting plenty of love and handling.

Here are two of the little girls.




“All the staff at Lake Road are wonderful. Georgia is beautiful with my sister’s cat Winnie. We can rely on her completely to manage Winnie’s arthritis. I can see how much Georgia loves Winnie & that means everything to Fran & me. Also, you have handled the social distancing required at this time with animal checkups spectacularly. Well done. With much gratitude”  Fiona.

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