Our Two Georgias Enter Duathlon!

Dr Georgia and Nurse Georgia participated in the the Ladysmith Duathlon on November 10th.

The Duathlon is hosted by Wagga Triathlon Club and hosted by Ladysmith P & C Association.

Our two Georgias had a great time and enjoyed their day cycling and running.

They are great athletes and represent the clinic with distinction.

They love their sport and do their best to motivate the rest of us into healthier lifestyles. Exercise at any level is a great stress release!


This week’s birthday’s are Max and Brooke!

Happy birthday Max! Happy birthday Brooke!

We hope you both have had really fantastic birthdays and that your families spoiled you!


Our birthday girl from last week, Priscilla, has her photo up this week.

Her birthday cake was a very scrumptious cheesecake. The staff enjoyed sharing Priscilla’s cake with her.

We hope your birthday was special, Priscilla!

Parvo Vaccination Day

Our first Parvo review, Vaccination Day was a great success. Aimed at improving vaccination rates in dogs in our local area, it allowed clients and non clients to vaccinate their pets for an upfront payment of $20 and and ongoing $5 a week payment through our PawsCare plan. This also gave clients a free health, free nurse consults and dental checks, with internal parasite control shipped to their door every 3 months.

Parvo vaccination and PawsCare is still available. Contact the clinic for an appointment on 6922 4659.


Left A satisfied and protected puppy!




Above Dr Alex and some of the staff after a big Parvo Vaccination Day!


Left Dr Shayne operating the front desk on Parvo Vaccination Day!

Pirate Pete Update

Pirate Pete caught the heart’s of so many of you. Your generosity helped to ensue that he was able to have the best medical care. Consequently Pete survived major surgery and has gone on to thrive. He has been adopted into a loving home and continues to do well. 

We thank all of you who donated to his medical needs. And all of you who wanted to adopt him.

He is a very lucky little kitten. He has the best of care and a family who love him to bits. 



Welcome to new staff members Max, Steff, Abby, Emma, Kate, Ella, and Kaitlyn.

We are really pleased to have you on our team.

We hope you enjoy being part of our Lake Road Vet Clinic Family.


Left Our Groomer Amelia’s beautiful and very cute kitten!


There is always a need for wildlife pouches. Small marsupials need very special care and part of this care is being placed in warm pouches to replace their mother’s.

These pouches need cleaning often as they are dirtied often. Cleanliness is a high priority with these tiny animals.

Keeping a good supply of good quality pouches and pouch liners in different sizes is no easy task. If you are a crafter and would like to assist us we would love to receive your donations.

Pouches need to be made a specific way to ensure precious skin is not damaged so to help you we have borrowed some instructions to make it easier for you.

Happy sewing! (Printed versions can be picked up at the front desk)

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