This Week in Review


This week we have seen an increase in Parvo cases especially in unvaccinated puppies. This is a deadly disease and will quickly kill an unvaccinated puppy or dog. We have seen some sad cases this week and have some young ones in isolation. It is a long road back to health for these babies and they are highly contagious. They are the lucky ones. They are still alive.

Snake Bites

We have had quite a few snake bites, resulting in the deaths of some beloved pets. It is the hatching season for young snakes so cats and dogs are finding small snakes in long grass around houses and these baby snakes are just as deadly as their parents. The cooler weather has brought adult brown snakes out of hiding too.

If you think you cat or dog has been bitten contact the clinic immediately.

Riverina Mouse Plague and Local Dog Deaths

The clinic has seen a rise in dog poisonings. Clients are seeking to control mice infestations as the current mice plague hits the Riverina.

As people bait for mice using rat poison we have seen a steady increase in sick dogs coming into the clinic. Unfortunately there has also been a rise in dog deaths as people realise too late the nature of their pet’s illness and we have seen quite a few clients lose beloved pets.

Signs of Rat Poison

Weakness and lethargy, vomiting and/or coughing blood, bleeding from paws, blood in stools, bruising and breathing difficulties.

If your pet shows any of these signs or you think your dog may have eaten rat poison contact the clinic immediately.



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