Creaky Joints?


Winter highlights our older pets joint issues. Arthritis is a painful condition for people and pets alike.

There are a range of options to support your pets arthritis needs.

There are supplements such as 4Cyte Epitalis Forte and Antinol which can be added to your pet’s food each day. Specialist diets such as Royal Canin Mobility C2P+  are available from the clinic.

Injections like the Synovan injection can be arranged on a regular basis.

Lake Road Vet: Veterinarians can also prescribe medications if these are not enough. All treatments can be used in conjunction with each other.

These two boys have been receiving arthritis injections at the clinic from Nurse Montanna. Kitty the cat has just finished his 4 week course so will be coming back for injections monthly to promote Synovial fluid in the joints and keep him happy and moving

Louis the dog has just started his 4 week course (receiving his second injection). His family noticed his joints struggling on cold mornings, with the injections on board he is on the way to moving more freely.


Left: Duke received his last injection recently.

Kitty the Cat




We have some beautiful dogs looking for their forever homes.

And three female kittens coming up in the next two weeks 😊


Right: Our friend Gary is still visiting us!

Goodluck Peaches!


This week our clinic cat, Peaches, found her forever home!

We are so happy for her. We are going to miss her so much but are happy that she now has her own family!

She is settling in well and dividing her time between the bed and the lounge,

Sweet Peaches!

Our Furry Friends

Some of our beautiful furry friends who have visited the clinic recently.

Far Left: Chester

Left: Nelly came in to be desxed.

Above: Patch came in to get a stick out of his mouth.

Staff Appreciation

Shayne Ault

For doing amazing work over the weekends! Working with a smile and a joke or two, she has been such an amazing person to work with!

As a new grad Shayne has been tackling some big shifts and tricky cases. 

Fantastic job, Shayne!

Steph Dew

For always being ready and willing to help out and learn.

She tackled her first hospital shift today and killed it.

Amazing work, Steph!

Hannah Finemore

For taking on her new role with enthusiasm and always approaching everything with a can do attitude.

Such an excellent job, Hannah!

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