Staff Get Together

At Lake Road Vet we understand the need for staff to have opportunities to relax and have down time. We make sure we get together each month to share time relaxing outside the work environment as friends not just as work colleagues.

This time we went to the Palm and Pawn Hotel at North Wagga with our families to test out their new children’s playground. The kids had a great time and think the playground is a great space. Some of the more adventurous and hardy, there was an icy wind blowing, tried out the pool.

You can see by our smiles that we had a lovely time together. Thank you to the Palm and Pawn!


Welcome to Natasha, our new phone operator!

We hope you enjoy working with us at Lake Rd and welcome you to the Lake Rd Family.

You will be able to welcome Natasha yourself when you come across her on the phones.


To the right is Louise celebrating her birthday last week with a very yummy looking cake! Happy birthday, Louise!

Coronavirus Outbreak

The Lake Road Veterinary Hospital is operating as usual presently. There is no change to our business hours or our 24 hour emergency service.

Should this change as the virus becomes more prevalent we will notify clients via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, the blog and with notices on our front door.

Staff Appreciation

Jenny Duncan

Jenny is our accounting wizard and we are couldn’t do without her.

We love that she also shares her witty comments and banter with us. It lifts our day and our spirits! 

Thank you, Jen!

Emma Huebner

A great big thank you to Emma, and her family, for supplying us with a constant supply of newspapers!

A small thing to the outside world but so big to us. Emma ensures your fur babies are always clean and dry!

Thank you to Emma for this valuable service!

Sonya Leddin

Sonya is the amazing person behind the scenes who keeps us all organised.

Thank you Sonya for all your hard work to keep us up to date with our training and making sure we improve our knowledge base so that we can better serve our clients and their fur-kids.

We appreciate everything you do!



Nemo, a gorgeous 8 week old hand raised boy.

Maxx, a 14 week old domestic medium hair male who is very cuddly.


Vet Conference

Dr Georgia attended the Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics Conference last week. 

Dr Georgia said that she learned a lot. She returned home and initiated Journal Club, an informal group of Vets, Vet nurses and students from Lake Rd Vet Hospital. It is a means of disseminating information learnt at conferences and discussing issues  of interest to vets, nurses and students.

A great idea. Dr Georgia!

Lunch and Learn

This week’s Lunch and Learn focused on Understanding Our Why. Why we do what we do here at Lake Road Vet Hospital so we can focus on the very best outcomes for our patients.

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