Lake Road Vet Health And Wellness Day


Last Thursday we had an amazing day as we looked to our mental health. The clinic ran on a skeleton staff for the day and we moved ourselves to the International Hotel for the day.

With the great pressures on the mental health of veterinary staff the day focused on strategies to manage stress and how staff can be supported.

The day started with an introduction to yoga and meditation by Bec Layton. We then moved on to a session with Steve Barker from ‘I am Enough’ coaching who explained what stress is, why its important and gave us some some exercises to use to manage stress.

Later in the day we used in house trainers to look at financial health, drug abuse, preventive health and mental health support.

It was a long day but feedback from staff was positive and we are looking forward to another Wellness Day in 6 months time.

Listening to Steve Barker ‘I am Enough’ Coaching.

Making glitter jars to use in times of stress.

Some of our completed glitter jars.

Helen (also from Phoenix Accounting) helping us with our financial wellness.

Team activities were a hit!

Team building is an important part of providing support to each other.

Training has been top of the agenda lately!

A Royal Canin Lunch and Learn learning all about the new gastrointestinal products and new tech update 🙂

We hope our Practice Manager Sonya had a wonderful birthday! Happy Birthday, Sonya!

We have a super chef in Nurse Emma H who made Sonya’s very yummy cake!

Congratulations to Brett, one of our incredible animal attendants, on getting his P plates! Well deserved!

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