Lake Road Vet Street Party

We invite everyone to our annual Christmas street party this Friday starting at 6:00 pm. 

As usual we will have the jumping castle, face painting and raffles. Plus lots more!

Will your pet win Best Dressed Pet? Or one of our other categories?

Of course Santa will be there for you and your family to have their photo taken with your fur babies!

We look forward to seeing you all on Friday for lots of fun and games!

Dr Georgia, Sea Turtles and Plastic Pollution


I met these guys at Taronga doing a wildlife rehabilitation course. This dude is one of the lucky ones; only a baby, but after three months of treatment he was getting shipped back to QLD the next day (a rare Flatback turtle). He’s not thrilled about being out of the water and flapped his flippers vigorously. 

This is the stuff removed from one floating turtle. The plastic makes them feel full of food when they aren’t, as well as makes them float, which means that they aren’t in the same part of the water as their turtle food. Plastic effectively starves turtles. This is literally a handful of plastic and that was enough to stop one turtle in it’s tracks. Imagine how stopping just one extra handful of plastic could stop one turtle’s demise. 

This Hawksbill turtle had just arrived the day before; note how she’s floating. She’s up for months of treatment and rehabilitation. She has paint on her shell to identify who’s who in the tank. Note the serrations around her shell- they get less pronounced as she gets older. 

Pet Safe This Christmas


We all love to share our lives with our fur babies. We need to remember though that not all foods we eat are safe for our pets.

These foods are the main Christmas foods that are either poisonous or harmful to dogs.

Don’t have your Christmas spoiled by rushed trips to your vet for emergency treatment.

Keep these foods out of reach of your fur baby and you will all have a safe and happy Christmas and New Year!

Furry Friends


This is Lucy, Lucy came in for her dental recently. She just loves her great mate Kate!


Harley was in for an aural haematoma. Love that gorgeous face!


This is Missy who was in for a dental and cruciate surgery. Brave Missy!