Winston, the Wombat


Winston came into our care after his mother was hit by a car and killed. He was found still in her pouch. He received some injuries to his face and head even though he was mostly protected in the pouch. 

When he was found his mother had been dead for a day so he was lucky to still be alive as joeys of his age still need an external heat source to help maintain their body temperature. 

Winston is about 5 months old, weighs around 650 grams and is a ‘velvet’ the term used for a joey just getting his fur. He needs feeding every four hours on specialised wombat milk from Wombaroo, and a colostrum additive, Impact. He has to be helped to toilet after each feed just as his mother would do.

He sleeps all day in his pouch on his heat mat and scruffles around in his pouch during the night. He is not able to walk yet.  

When he is bigger and able to leave the pouch, Winston will need a buddy so that he learns to be a wombat and he will need a big outdoor pen so that he can be taught to burrow in preparation for his release one day.


Staff Recognition for April

Lauren-Community    Taylor RG-Community    Zara-Loyalty    Lauren-Loyalty

Louise-Aspiration    Emily-Ambition    Lauren-Ambition    Louise-Ambition

Anna-Ambition    Lauren-Sincerity    Kate-Ambition    Emily-Ambition

Congratulations on these team members for exhibiting the core values of the hospital in their daily practice!! 


Meet The Team


Assistant Practice Manager: Montanna


We congratulate Nurse Montanna on her promotion to Assistant Practice Manager. Montana has displayed strong leadership qualities and excellent skills as a Team Leader and Nurse Practitioner and has stepped seamlessly into the Assistant Practice Manager Role. We are excited for Montanna as she takes her practice to the next level. She has a great love of her job, the clinic and all her patients and we know she will put her all into this new role.

Congratulations Montanna! 



Happy Birthday!

Dr Alex



We hope you have a wonderful day with lots of fun!





 A big congratulations to Nurse Renelle on her engagement! We hope you will be very happy, Renelle!!

Puppy Preschool Team


We are happy to announce our new Puppy Preschool Team.

Lauren, takes on the role of Puppy Preschool Coordinator. She is passionate about all animals and loves working with clients to ensure the best for their puppies.

Taylor, is 2IC at Puppy Preschool. Taylor is committed to bringing the best out of your puppy and loves to develop client relationships.

Jesse, is the coordinator of the new Next Step Program. Jesse is developing a program for older puppies and dogs who have never been to Puppy Preschool before. She is passionate about developing behaviour programs for all animals and has a great love of all animals.

An amazing team to lead our Puppy Preschool!



Welcome Puppy Preschoolers!

  1. Henry, with Jenny and Stuart.
  2. Callie, with Lynda and James.
  3. Freida, with Troy and Bec.
  4. Yoda, with Daniel.
  5. Pepsi, with Helena an Seth.
  6. Radley, with Rachel, Troy, August and Kenn.