Congratulations Karley!

Welcome baby Remi to the Lake Road Family!

Karley gave birth last week to this beautiful little girl.

We are all so excited for Karley, her husband and her girls.

Wishing you and your family so much love Karley.

Enjoy your time with your little one and we look forward to a cuddle in the future!


Baby Thomas doing the weekend rounds with the team!

Beautiful Ike

‘She comes in by the fire at night and as soon as we are up in the morning follows you around until she gets her dish of warm milk. Doing really well. She goes out of a day but soon as it gets dark if we haven’t got her in she stands there and calls us. She is a real pleasure and has such funny ways. Not hopping 100% yet as she seems restricted in her hock movement, probably due to the bandages she had to have on for so long. We are hoping in everything will loosen up and she will get the extension she needs to hop again. Will see how she goes.’ Carer Caroline

This week we welcome Nurse Ivory and Admin Assistant Brodie. We hope you enjoy being part of the Lake Road Family. Welcome!

Issy’s first saphenous cannula working on Miss Lucy!


Alley is an adult female Manx cross.

Beautiful Senior Available


We have a lovely boy looking for a forever home.

He is a large senior mastiff. 

For information on this old gentleman or our kitty friends you can contact our Rescue Co-ordinator Priscilla on her email or phone her on the clinic number.

Harvey is an 11 month old Domestic Short Hair

Staff Appreciation

Beth Bayliss

For Beth and Emma H: Thank you for your great organisation and really friendly manner in kennels when others are taking over. It is appreciated so much by others. Thank you!

Emma Huebner

Emma you are fantastic!

Emma Borlace

For being so patient and helpful when teaching others. Thank you Emma. You’re amazing!

Gary the Magpie!

Gary sneaking some Puppy Preschool treats!

Gary’s been joining PPS for at least the last 2-3 years.

He loves the treat we use and if we forget to cover the treats while setting up he takes the opportunity 😂

He hangs around during class sometimes, not phased by the puppies just waiting for a treat to be dropped!

Nappy Cake

Clever Nurse Montanna made this impressive nappy cake for Karley and baby Remi!

Happy International Cat Day!

Some of our staff posted photos pf themselves and their cats to celebrate International Cat Day!

Figgy and Faith

Recently Dr Georgia was involved in the care of two flying foxes, Figgy and Faith, who had become entangled in barbed wire.

They were fortunate to be found in time to be saved. After vet care they were placed with a WIRES carer who has the specialist knowledge to provide the care they need to be rehabilitated.

If you come across a bat in need of care or medical attention please do not touch it. Call WIRES and they will send a carer who has had the appropriate vaccinations.

Above: Faith and Left: Figgy