Pet of the Week

Celebrating the pets that touched our hearts.


Pet of the Week-Cobain

This is Cobain. He came in recently for an emergency consult as he had a foreign body ingestion. He had eaten a green waste bag. Thankfully his quick thinking mum brought him to the vet where we induced vomiting straight away, so they could avoid a quite expensive...

Pet of the Week-Pete

Meet Pete! This is Pete Cook. He donated blood recently! He was a very brave puppy dog! We like to get a blood donation each month to keep our stock up to date in case of emergency! If anyone is interested in their pet donating blood call the clinic or email...

Pet of the Week-Coco Graham

Congratulations Coco! This is Coco Graham. Coco spent the day with us on Friday for a full Dental Procedure! This includes a full dental examination, dental radiography and a scale and polish. Now she is sporting beautiful pearly whites and the freshest breath! Did...

Pet of the Week-Slinky Lenehan

This is Slinky Lenehan. Slinky is our Pet of the Week! Slinky came in to get his deciduous canines removed (retained baby teeth that can cause over crowding, and long term damage to the adult teeth if not removed). Prior to undergoing surgery Slinky's owners also got...

Pet of the Week-Roseanne Radley

This is Roseanne.  Roseanne came in recently to be desexed. It looks like she came through with flying colours. Before she went home Roseanne also had her vaccinations. Roseanne is a real cutie and an excellent Pet of the Week. Congratulations Roseanne!

Pet of the Week- Millie Tinnock

This is Millie. Oh dear, this poor pupper is looking a bit swollen. Find out what's been bugging Millie, our Pet of the Week. Millie created a bit of a buzz in the clinic this week after her dad promptly took her in to the clinic when he noticed her swollen face....

Pets of the Week- The Rat Pack!

Meet The Rat Pack This week's Pets of the Week are our rats!. They are being desexed so we have some hospital photos and some post operative photos to share with you. Their journey starts with awaiting surgery on the operating table, in surgery-a male being desexed,...

Pet of the Week- Rocky

This is Rocky! Rocky's owners brought him into the clinic last week for a check up as they had noticed a decline in his energy levels and he was struggling to maintain weight.During the visit Dr Sarah found a concerning mass in Rockys abdomen. Concerned by the mystery...

Pet of the Week-Amy Hesketh

Congratulations Amy! This is Amy Hesketh. She is our Pet of the Week. She’s been boarding at the clinic and is very loved here.  Amy is a 5 month old Foxie x Jack Russell who has a lot of love and energy to share. ❤ Amy has been boarding at the clinic this week and...

Pet of the Week-Harvey

Meet the Super Sweet Harvey! This is Harvey. He is a 14 week old Shih Tzu x Poodle. Harvey’s Mum brought him in for one of his puppy vaccinations and learnt of our pet grooming service from Dr Georgia. He was a very brave boy for his first groom and did great 🙂 It’s...

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