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Congratulations Dr Shayne!

A huge congratulations to our Shayne, who has completed her Veterinary Studies at Charles Sturt University and passed her exams!

Shayne joined Lake Road Vet Hospital 4 years ago. She completed her Veterinary Nurse studies while working with us and while studying at CSU.

Shayne has been an invaluable asset to the clinic as a senior veterinary nurse and team leader.

We are excited to now welcome Dr Shayne to our veterinary team.

Congratulations and well done, Shayne!

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Poddy lambs wearing their winter jumpers. The extra warmth helps ensure the survival of these motherless babies.

Lamb Jumpers

We have poddy lamb jumpers available if you need them. They were donated to us by ‘Lamb Jumpers “Helping Our Farmers”‘.

More than 60,000 jumpers were knitted last year for orphaned poddy lambs. We are proud to support our farmers in this simple way.


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Last week it was our groomer, Nat’s, birthday.

We caught up with her this week and enjoyed a yummy birthday cake with her.

We hope you had a wonderful birthday, Nat. Happy birthday!


We have a beautiful Ragdoll cat, Ari, looking for a new home.

She is 8 years old.

Ari would be best suited to a quiet and relaxing home.

Team Player of the Week

Week 15/07/19

Shannen-Community, Excellence

Sarah-Excellence, Honesty

Joella, Compassion, Excellence

Lauren-Excellence, Compassion

Week 22/-7/19

Sarah-Compassion, Love

Renelle-Love, Excellence

Brooke-Honesty, Community

Joella-Compassion, Love

Kyla-Compassion, Excellence

Montanna-Love, Compassion

Beth-Honesty, Community

Collaborative Learning

A great example of collaborative learning. Nurse Shannen is teaching trainee nurse Joella how to scale and clean teeth.

This a an example of how our staff work together to train and mentor each other and our trainee nurses.

Great work Shannen and Joella!

Relay for Life

The Cancer Council’s Relay for Life will be on later in the year. Lake Road Vet Hospital have formed a team, the Labradoodles. You can join our team or donate to our team by going on the website http://www.cancercouncil.org.au/relayforlife/teams/

We will be fund raising in the weeks leading up to Relay for Life so look out for these events.

We’re walking for all those in our lives who are touched by cancer. Come on, join us!

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Asthma is a common complaint in cats that is incurable and often linked to allergies. It is the constriction of the airways due to inflammation that cause the cat to have difficulties in breathing.

Cat asthma occurs in young to middle-aged cats and is usually worse in warmer months and following time spent outdoors. Affected cats tend to have intermittent wheezing and coughing but are completely normal between episodes.


  • Females are equally affected as males with some studies showing females are slightly more represented
  • Purebred cats such as Siamese and Himalayan. It has been estimated that nearly 5% of Siamese cats suffer from asthma
  • Mixed breed cats


Common signs of asthma:

  • Wheezing
  • Shortness of breath
  • Problems with breathing in
  • Coughing
  • Coughing up foamy mucus
  • Blue lips and gums
  • Weakness

A common pattern of an asthma attack:

  • Cat is at rest or playing
  • Abruptly stops what it is doing
  • Breathing rapidly increases
  • Mouth breathing starts
  • Breathing is shallow and rapid
  • You may hear wheezing


Common triggers of asthma:

  • Allergens such as pollen, mould, dust, smoke, household cleaning agent vapours
  • Illness
  • Heart condition
  • Stress
  • Parasites
  • Obesity
  • Environmental chemicals
  • Dry air
  • Other diseases such as heartworm, respiratory disease, lungworm, tumours, heart conditions and pneumonia can cause asthma-like symptoms

Continued Next Week

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